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Where you go in Morocco depends on what kind of trip you are planning. Rest and relaxation are best found in Marrakech, Essaouira and Agadir, Fès and Meknès are great for history and culture enthusiasts, while the High Atlas and Southern Oases are hubs for activities and adventures of all sorts.

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Bustling souks full of glittering goods, heady with the smell of spices. Shady palm oases and rolling seas of scorching sand dunes. Snow capped mountain passes, ancient walled cities and an endless supply of syrupy-sweet mint tea; Morocco is a veritable feast for the senses just waiting to be explored

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dramatic natural environments and great topographical diversity make it a great destination for all manner of adventure sports and activities.

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Winding streets in ancient cities, colourful souks, precipitous mountain peaks and vast desert dunescapes.

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Explore Excursions around Marrakech Essaouira,Agadir... High Atlas and Southern Oases are hubs for activities and adventures of all sorts.

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